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Welcome to Orion

We are pleasure to welcome you to the Orion Training and Consultancy site and by visiting our website you will be able to learn about our history and highlights, as well as our latest training services and programs. Orion Training is an Amman-Jordan company that specializes in financial market training courses and has successfully delivered various courses, seminars and workshops throughout the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Orion is proud of its history in completing all the seminars in which it participated successfully and in a timely manner.

Our Mission

As a training company, our main task is to focus on spreading the culture of investment and increase awareness among trainers and securities traders. We believe in the importance of this particular task for the company to achieve long-term goals. This task lies not only with the management body...

Our Strategic Objectives
Our Vision

To become pioneers in field of training through our company to share our expertise with high efficiency and ability to provide a training service excellence to meet the international quality standards to prepare successful traders in the field of international financial markets and improve the of... 

The most common questions

Reach the highest level of success in the field of training and consulting. We seek to find effective partners to work together to serve customers globally and expand our client base.

We strive to enable individuals in the stock market to have the tools and qualifications to be able to develop and succeed, to be able to understand and analyze financial markets, and to enable them to ...

1- What commodities are available in the global financial markets and are available for trading?

2-  How Can determine profit or loss in the market?

3- What are the best ways to manage capital efficiently and effectively?

4- What is the difference between trading in this market and domestic markets?

5- What is the impact of economic conditions and...

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Tip of the Day

It is not important that your decision is right or wrong, but the important thing is the amount of profits you make when your decision is correct, and the size of the losses when your decision is wrong

Mr. Ahmad F. Abdul Rahman

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