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Training department

Our training services

Continuing the mission of Orion Training and Consulting to expand the future horizons for excellence in performance and business development, the Training and Development Department was established, which is unique in the preparation of modern creative courses and workshops, which is held in cooperation with a team of competent training staff with high qualifications and creative abilities, Technology in pursuit of the objectives of our courses, training workshops and specialized conferences.

The training and development department at Orion is unique in offering many training courses that are characterized by the method of presentation and the precise scientific content. The selection of our courses is based on studies.

We have translated our expertise into world-class training through a wide range of training programs, seminars, courses, workshops and conferences, which we offer through a team of international trainers and consultants that enable us to offer solutions Suit to your needs.

We also offer courses in the field of electronic trading, especially in relation to the Forex and precious metals markets as well as futures markets, US stocks and global indices by experienced analysts.

Our training courses and workshops:

The Introduction Course

Basic Analysis Course

Introduction to technical analysis

Advanced technical analysis


Global Financial Markets

Psychological Factor And Capital Management

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