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Who We Are

Our Team

The team at Orion is made up of a highly qualified and skilled staff to provide an unmatched level of expertise and competence to suit the requirements of trainers, helping to ensure that you get the answer you need quickly and easily. We invest in this team through continuous development and training plans that reflect on the trainer.

Orion's team also has an integrated and well-known experience in the field of financial marketing services committed to professional and professional standards.

The team includes trainers and speakers with the following characteristics:-



- A training team with knowledge, ability and practical experience.

- Experience and professional skills specialized in the field of global Financial markets – Forex.

- Participate actively in the current competition and challenge within the financial world.

- Using the latest modern and applied training methods.

- Offering the best and latest creative, effective and practical techniques in the workplace.

Welcome to Orion

Orion Training & Consulting has started its work in Amman - Jordan with a clear vision of value building with integrity, awareness, passion for excellence and offering all solutions that help the trainer. Its mission since inception has been based on the principle of providing training courses with highly efficient expertise in the field of financial markets - Forex. The company started its training services and community services to enter the university campuses and colleges. It will be the beginning of spreading awareness and creating sound foundations for a culture of society with knowledge of the global financial markets. In order to be the best, we have been working to provide seminars for the clients of these markets to leave a special fingerprint in this area. Starting in 2018, Orion acquired the loyalty of trainers and confidence through the quality and efficiency of training and consulting and the quick response to customer inquiries. With enthusiasm, leadership and determination, Orion Capital Markets Training has become a distinctive training company in Jordan to provide services that suit all the needs of our clients.

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