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The most common questions

1- What commodities are available in the global financial markets and are available for trading?

2-  How Can determine profit or loss in the market?

3- What are the best ways to manage capital efficiently and effectively?

4- What is the difference between trading in this market and domestic markets?

5- What is the impact of economic conditions and political statements on price movements?

6- How can credit ratings be used and how they affect financial markets?

7- Can you rely on one of the indicators used in technical analysis and ignore the fundamental analysis in the trading Markets?

8- Are there successful and stable strategies to enter and out off the market?

9- Can a trend line be a sure indicator of price action?

10- What is  The Margin ?

11- What are the market price / highest price / lowest price?

12- How can prices be moving ?

13- How to control the psychological factor during trading?

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